Baby wiggles

I wish I had a picture or a video to go with this post. Holly finally felt the baby kick! It was really light, she says, and I couldn’t feel it myself, but there was definitely movement and she felt it. This is the part I’ve been most excited for, I must confess. As we approach the 20th week (18 weeks this past Tuesday) I’ve been waiting and waiting for the ability to feel the baby kick myself. I can’t wait!

Fun facts about the 18th week of pregnancy:

  • Baby is (approximately) 5 and a half inches long and just shy of 7 ounces, growing like a super baby.
  • Mom tends to FEEL baby moving around this time, and partner will start to feel it on the outside too.
  • Baby is active as heck, moving and just kicking up a storm.

Baby is also the size of an artichoke this week! How delicious! Next week is the anatomy scan, on Thursday, just before we dip off to Wyoming for a week, so new pictures to come SOON!artichoke_1339768899.jpg


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