Babies for Bernie


Three guesses who WE voted for.

Happy Election Day! Today Holly (and baby) are 19 weeks and the size of a MANGO. I don’t know about you, but mangoes seem pretty freaking giant to me. Baby is measuring at about 6 inches and 8.5 ounces, giant like I said. Baby is also working on developing their five senses by the nerve cells that are further developing this week. Our mid-pregnancy ultrasound is on Thursday, and we’re so excited to finally settle the question of sex: boy or girl?

A little bit on “sex” instead of “gender” just to satisfy my gender wiggly folks out there that might be wondering where we two lesbians stand on this. Holly and I are in firm agreement that if we had a child who told us they were a gender other than their biologically born sex, we would accept them and call them by their chosen pronouns and such. That said, until the baby is of the autonomous level to declare their gender, we will call them the pronouns associated with their biological sex. Obviously, the difference is clear, sex is what’s between the legs, and gender is what or who you are inside. Hope that clears up some questions.

Keep your eyes out for the next few weeks, when we’ll share our baby’s sex, as well as new pictures from the anatomy scan!



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