Avocado baby!


I really have to get better at this weeks picture taking thing, because I could have done better! Anyway, week 16 is here!! Our little munchkin is the size of an avocado this week and can start hearing our voices. This week, baby is about the size of my hand (not Holly’s hand, mine are smaller and better for this comparison) and weighs right around 3.5 ounces. Though Holly hasn’t felt it yet, apparently fluttering can begin to occur this week, which feel like gas bubbles, making it difficult to distinguish. Most first time moms don’t even feel the flutters, which makes it even more unlikely that she’ll feel them, but still, we’ll see.

The nausea is still hanging around, although Holly admits she’s feeling a little less nasty this week, and hasn’t thrown up in a few days, which has been great for both of us, but especially her. Our first wedding anniversary, and the end of my second-to-last semester as a credential student are right around the corner, and we feel amazing about both! I honestly can’t believe its been one year already since we joined in wedded bliss, and its been the most amazing year, we are both so blessed.

In a few weeks, baby will be rolling around like crazy and we’ll finally be able to feel it! Only 3 more weeks till our anatomy scan when we find out the baby’s gender, and 3 more weeks till we leave for Wyoming to visit Holly’s mom and step-dad. We’re really excited, but it will likely be Holly’s last actual trip until after the baby is born, as the bigger she gets, the more uncomfortable that belly becomes. This is especially unfortunate because my aunt is getting married in July at my other aunt and uncle’s house in Oregon, and Holly won’t be able to attend because she just won’t be able to be comfortable flying. However, positives, we’re in the 4th month of pregnancy, and Holly and the baby are still going strong! So excited to feel that little avocado squirm 🙂

Look at that belly growth!!



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