4 Weeks to GO!! (Week 36)

Holy crap.

In just 4 short weeks (potentially less) we are going to have a BABY.

I think I just freaked out!

But seriously, has time flown by or what? I feel like just yesterday we were talking about writing a blog about our trying to conceive experience, and now we’re mere weeks away from having an actual child in our arms.

Fun facts about the 36th week:

  • Baby is as big as a papaya, measuring anywhere from 17-almost 19 inches and weighing in at an impressive 4-almost 6 pounds!
  • If baby came out right now, she would likely need little support and would be just fine (thank goodness!)
  • Baby is head down and preparing for birth (verified by an ultrasound yesterday)
  • Mom Holly is ready to get this baby outta here!

Immediately following our final baby shower (the next day in fact), we ran out with our cash, gift cards and baby registry completion coupons and bought everything else we need that we didn’t get from the showers for baby H. It was so much fun, and I totally felt like it was a bonding experience for us because we got to talk through things together and laugh about the funny stuff we saw. It was a good day. Over the weekend we bought the real last thing: The Chair. Now all I need to do is put it together and put the finishing touches on that room and it’ll be ready for baby whenever she decides to make her appearance.

Yesterday, as a I mentioned earlier, we had the 36 week OB appointment. When I arrived, slightly (not) late, they were taking Holly’s blood pressure for the 3rd time and soon did a 4th. Apparently, her blood pressure was high. When we saw our usual OB/Midwife Angela, we talked through the things Holly had been experiencing throughout the last two weeks, as per usual, and a few of the things she said set off warning flags for Angela, on top of the high blood pressure, for pregnancy induced hypertension or preeclampsia. She assured us that it wasn’t a big deal, that we would just go and have Holly do a non-stress test where they would monitor the baby, and go from there. When pressed further, she explained that if the non-stress test or NST was troubling, they would probably send us to Labor and Delivery (L&D) and we might be talking about induction in the near future.

Slightly nervous, we went down to antepartum testing and Holly sat on a gurney while they hooked her up to monitors and kept track of the baby’s heartbeat and fetal movement for around an hour. During that time, they checked her blood pressure again and it came back normal. Of course after that, baby girl was being a stubborn baby about moving for them and Holly had to suck down some juice and cold water to motivate her. In the end, it turned out to be nothing on that end, and they checked her amniotic fluid to make sure it was all good, which it was. We left and went down stairs to get her blood drawn for further testing and then we were done.

It sounds like more of an ordeal now that I type it out, and I was pretty anxious about it, but I’m glad that baby and wifey are alright. The good news is Angela also said Holly is already 1cm dilated and her cervix is thinning nicely, which are signs that she won’t go to 42 weeks, a thing Holly was definitely not interested in! Hopefully in the next couple weeks I’ll be on here (briefly) to report the birth of our beautiful daughter and the ginger color of her hair. Of course, if anything that’s more fun happens before week 37, I’ll be sure to update.


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