Baby Shower to the 2nd Power


Doesn’t she look so enthused?! Truth be told, this picture was taken the day after our LAST baby shower, and one week after the first, so she should look exhausted! I think she just looks positively radiant.

Yes, you read that last part right, we had 2 baby showers. I’d love to say that I was super diligent taking pictures at both of them, but sadly my work was mediocre at the first and virtually non-existent at the second. That said, we had such a great time!

So here’s a quick recap of both showers, for those who weren’t able to attend (or just want to look back fondly):

Shower 1

  • Who threw it: My parents
  • What we ate: Super cute owl veggie tray (pic below), delicious croissant sandwiches and pinwheels courtesy of Costco, caprice sticks and SIXLETTS!
  • What we did: Color the Letter for baby’s future alphabet book, what’s in your purse, measure the belly, wishes for baby cards, and of course “Don’t cross your legs/Don’t say baby”.
  • Cool stuff we got: An awesome Diaper Bouquet courtesy of Christine (also pictured below), assorted adorable clothes, two awesome gift baskets full of baby goodies from Anatt/Hannah and Debbie, the worlds largest gift bag full of things from Tammy, a hand crocheted blanket from Holly’s aunt Angela, a handmade quilt from my grandma Janice, and so many more cute and wonderful things from our friends and family.
  • How thankful we are: SO THANKFUL. Everyone was so kind and generous and we can’t thank you all enough for your support.

Shower 2

  • Who threw it: Christy, Alex and Corey with the help of Anatt and Kathy as well.
  • What we ate: Croissant sandwiches and pinwheels, BUFFALO CHICKEN DIP, meatballs, veggies, other delicious snacks.
  • What we did: What’s in the Diaper, Guess that Baby Food, don’t cross your legs, Labor or Porn, Beer belly or Pregnant belly, Guess how many (bubble gum and skittles).
  • Cool stuff we got: So many CUTE CLOTHES, not one, not two but 3 hand made (crochet and knit) blankets for baby girl, several adorable books for our sweetheart and many more sweet and thoughtful gifts from our friends.
  • How thankful we are: Can I say SO THANKFUL again?


Seriously, Holly and I can’t thank any and everyone who attended our showers or sent gifts to help us prepare for our sweetie. We are so grateful to have so many wonderful people that are as excited about our baby girl as we are! We also want to thank those who threw our showers, my parents, Christy, Corey, Alex, Anatt, Kathy and anyone else we might have forgotten that played a part in our showers. You all made us feel so loved, so supported, and so valued, and we can’t thank you enough for that.

Next to come: Week 36 and the final 4 week countdown!



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