3 Months (and before) Update!

This will be an update from birth to 3 months, just to get everything caught up and I promise I’ll get better at being more current!

Addie had so many visitors come to welcome her into the world during her first few days of life! Above are pictures of some, but not all, of her fabulous family and friends that came to visit. Among our first visitors were my mom, Holly’s dad and step mom Sherri, Uncles Jared and Michael, Guide Parents Aunt Corey and Uncle Erin, Aunt Christy, Megan and Nancy, Susie, Sara, Daniel and Zennetta, and our doula Sarah who returned to check on us. We were so incredibly lucky for all the love we received while at the hospital, and all the people who came to see our little nugget.

The first few days were rough. Addie, being so small when she came out, had to have her blood sugars checked at regular intervals for the first 24 hours by pricking her heel and squeezing blood out, which was so much fun I assure you. After that, they were concerned about her bilirubin levels, which eventually led to a bought of jaundice that delayed us going home and a 1 day trip on the blue light surf board. But finally, on day 4, we were able to go home!

When she came home she met Grandpa Hutchings and Cousin Ryan for the first time, as well as the cats and the dogs, and got to see things like her room and ours. She slept great those first few days and I really should have appreciated it more. The adjustment to being in a house that wasn’t as quiet as a hospital was definitely tough, but we both got the hang of it. I ended up taking off 3 weeks to be with Holly and the baby before returning to work, something that we both still agree was so important for us as a family.

Baby Addie didn’t breastfeed right away, it took her a few weeks to really get it, because she was what they were calling a “late term premie”, meaning that she was behaving like a premie even though she was technically full term, and she was also small like a premie. These things made breastfeeding hard in the beginning, and I wish I’d been blogging then to really chronicle it, so we can look back and appreciate where we are now. Baby girl is now 100% breastfed, and even dislikes taking bottles most of the time. So for moms out there who might be struggling with breastfeeding, it really does get better, and your baby will figure it out!

The day before her first Thanksgiving, Addie gave us her first smile (pics below) and since then she’s started making eye contact, looking for us in a room, responding to sounds and lights (she loves lights) and furiously kicking her little chunky legs. She’s getting so aware so quickly, its crazy to me. She smiles all the time, at most things that make her happy, including us, people, lights, cool looking things, and football on the tv (yes we know she isn’t supposed to watch tv!)

Here is a slide show of highlights from her first 3 months with the promise that I WILL BLOG MORE and there will be more regular pictures of our growing little baby girl.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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