3 Months (and before) Update!

This will be an update from birth to 3 months, just to get everything caught up and I promise I’ll get better at being more current!

Addie had so many visitors come to welcome her into the world during her first few days of life! Above are pictures of some, but not all, of her fabulous family and friends that came to visit. Among our first visitors were my mom, Holly’s dad and step mom Sherri, Uncles Jared and Michael, Guide Parents Aunt Corey and Uncle Erin, Aunt Christy, Megan and Nancy, Susie, Sara, Daniel and Zennetta, and our doula Sarah who returned to check on us. We were so incredibly lucky for all the love we received while at the hospital, and all the people who came to see our little nugget.

The first few days were rough. Addie, being so small when she came out, had to have her blood sugars checked at regular intervals for the first 24 hours by pricking her heel and squeezing blood out, which was so much fun I assure you. After that, they were concerned about her bilirubin levels, which eventually led to a bought of jaundice that delayed us going home and a 1 day trip on the blue light surf board. But finally, on day 4, we were able to go home!

When she came home she met Grandpa Hutchings and Cousin Ryan for the first time, as well as the cats and the dogs, and got to see things like her room and ours. She slept great those first few days and I really should have appreciated it more. The adjustment to being in a house that wasn’t as quiet as a hospital was definitely tough, but we both got the hang of it. I ended up taking off 3 weeks to be with Holly and the baby before returning to work, something that we both still agree was so important for us as a family.

Baby Addie didn’t breastfeed right away, it took her a few weeks to really get it, because she was what they were calling a “late term premie”, meaning that she was behaving like a premie even though she was technically full term, and she was also small like a premie. These things made breastfeeding hard in the beginning, and I wish I’d been blogging then to really chronicle it, so we can look back and appreciate where we are now. Baby girl is now 100% breastfed, and even dislikes taking bottles most of the time. So for moms out there who might be struggling with breastfeeding, it really does get better, and your baby will figure it out!

The day before her first Thanksgiving, Addie gave us her first smile (pics below) and since then she’s started making eye contact, looking for us in a room, responding to sounds and lights (she loves lights) and furiously kicking her little chunky legs. She’s getting so aware so quickly, its crazy to me. She smiles all the time, at most things that make her happy, including us, people, lights, cool looking things, and football on the tv (yes we know she isn’t supposed to watch tv!)

Here is a slide show of highlights from her first 3 months with the promise that I WILL BLOG MORE and there will be more regular pictures of our growing little baby girl.

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Welcome Baby Addison!


This is the latest post on record. But I have to get back into the swing of blogging about our child so none of you miss out on anything, so lets give this a try.

On October 13, 2016 (yes almost 3 months ago) we welcomed our beautiful little girl Addison Diane Elizabeth Hutchings into the world. She weighted in at 5 lbs 7 oz and 19 3/4 inches long! If you’ve been following for a while, you’ll notice she was 3 whole weeks early. I guess Addie just couldn’t wait to get here and be with her momma’s!

So here is the birth story, both abridged and not abridged, for maximum enjoyment:

On Yom Kippur (10/12), Holly and I were enjoying one of my rare days off from work as it was an unassigned day. We were taking care of some last-ish minute stuff for baby, including getting some stuff from Buy Buy Baby and then planning to head to Old Navy to use one of the gift cards we’d gotten from the baby showers (thanks again Marianne and Shawna!) Throughout our shopping at Buy Buy Baby, Holly had been complaining of potential contractions, but as they weren’t regular in any way, neither of us thought any more of them than just Braxton Hicks contractions. We went along our day, had lunch and went home because I still had to go to class that afternoon. As a precaution, I made sure to clean out the Subaru and install the infant car seat, ‘just in case’ I told myself and Holly.

At one point, the contractions had a little of regularity, every 30 minutes or so, so I called our doula Lynette to let her know. She was at another birth, because we weren’t supposed to go even close to labor for at least another two weeks, and told me she would let her backup know, and we were fine with that, because neither of us thought this was the real thing. Yet.

I went to class and Holly took a nap and the contractions seemed to taper off while she slept, coming back with no regularity after she woke up and by the time I got home from class, the fact that the baby could come was the furthest thing from our minds. We sat down to dinner that night, delicious meatloaf and mashed potatoes made by my mom, and talked about the day but had obviously decided these were false alarms.

During dinner, after getting her second helping of meatloaf (because its so delicious), Holly suddenly stopped, said she had to go to the bathroom, and jetted down the hall. Assuming it was just a sudden need to pee, I went back to my meal until I got a text from her saying “Come please”. Worried, I headed down the hall. I’ll spare you the details of this part, but Holly was pretty sure she’d lost her mucus plug and had me sent a pic to the doula to confirm, after which the doula said “yes that’s probably it” but that labor was probably still a long way off and to just keep her posted.


Contractions started within 20 minutes. Hard. Fast. Scary. It was like all of the sudden, baby was done with that uterus and was coming out, now. I remember Holly timing her contractions and it started at 5 minutes apart for two of them, and then one was 4, and then all the rest were 3. Now if you’ve been through a child birthing class, or know anything about child birth, you know that hospitals have you wait until you’re 3-1-1 with contractions. 3 minute apart, lasting for a minute, for at least an hour. The fact that we got to the 3 minutes apart part within 20 minutes scared the crap out of me. I called the doula back, told her that we were having contractions, and they were super close, and she put me in touch with another doula, because she wasn’t going to be able to be there as she was at another birth. Thank god we had interviewed this doula during our search process and were familiar with her!

Sarah, our new doula, called immediately and and asked what we wanted to do. Holly, from the shower, yelled “I want to go to the hospital!” and Sarah agreed that was probably a good decision, so I began packing up everything to get it ready for the hospital. Now prior to this, Holly’s two best friends Corey and Christy had been preparing to be “birth support” for her during this process. Earlier in the night she had texted them telling them, “if you want to be here for it, you’d better come now”. Thankfully Christy showed up just as we were about to leave for the hospital and was able to throw our stuff into the car while I supported Holly through the contractions until we were actually ready to go. With a wave to my parents and a promise to keep them updated, we were out the door and on the way to the hospital.

This is were things get faster. On the way to the hospital, I call Labor and Delivery and let them know we’re on the way and text my boss to let him know I probably won’t be at work tomorrow. We get there, Corey shows up in time to help us with getting our stuff up to L&D, and I throw Holly in the wheely chair and we fly through emergency and up the elevator. I’m trying not to be too anxious, but failing terribly I’m sure. When we get up there, they send us into a triage room to assess Holly and where she’s at. Sarah the doula arrives a few seconds later and immediately flys into helping Holly through the contractions while I let her try to break my hand as each one comes, still about 2-3 minutes apart and roughly 3 cm dilated.

They monitor her for a little bit, but baby is moving around a lot, and decide to put us in a labor room asap. In the labor room, things felt a little bit slower, but mind you we’re at just over the two hour mark from start of labor to present at this point. They put Holly and baby on the monitor and told Holly if she wanted to do things like get up and move around or get in the big shower, they’d have to get 20 minutes of continuous monitoring from the baby. Unfortunately, this would never happen. Baby girl was squirmy the whole time and eventually Holly opted to get an epidural. When she got the epidural, at about 3 hours in, she was 7 cm dilated, and within 45 minutes she felt her water bag starting to come out. After the nurse had to rupture it, because it wouldn’t pop on its own, and she told Holly to give a little push, assuming she had had an epidural, so she wouldn’t be able to push too hard. Well one little push turned into two, and suddenly the baby’s head was RIGHT THERE.

I remember her looking down casually, then putting her hand on the head and shouting that they need a doctor in there right away. Everything after that happened really quickly. People flooded the room, trying to get a monitor on the baby and make sure she wasn’t in distress. The nurse that had been with us from the beginning was still holding the head when the doctor comes in, tells Holly to give a few more good pushes and our little princess appeared! She had a short umbilical chord, so I had to cut it before they could put her on Holly’s chest. But she was perfect.

Butt chin, hair, nose and all, she was the cutest little martian baby I’ve ever seen. We fell in love instantly.

So it might be 3 months late, but there you have it, the story of how Addison Hutchings came into the world.

Up next: A whole update of everything SINCE her birth to now, so I can just be caught up already.