Happy Last Alone Birthday Honey!


To my beautiful wife on your 28th birthday:

I know that I’m leaving tonight, and that’s no fun, but I hope you enjoyed our Daglas and Cupids dinner last night, and I hope you won’t be too sad while I’m gone. This birthday seems so much more special than all the ones before, simply because its the last one either of us will be just us, before we become parents. It’s crazy to think that this time last year we were just kicking around the idea of a baby, and that it seemed so much more far off in the future than it ended up becoming.

Seeing you pregnant and full of that little dumpling of ours just brings so much joy to my heart. So does this adorable picture of your honorarily adopted nanny kids and you on your birthday. Although this birthday may not be the funnest or the most adventurous or exciting, just remember, every other one will be a brand new experience and therefore greater than each one that comes before.

I love you so much and am so in awe of your strength every day as you carry that child, and I can’t wait to see what a wonderful mother you will become alongside me.

Happy last birthday alone baby! I love you!


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