Cantaloupe? Ear of corn? Pizza baby? Week 24


6 months! On Tuesday, Holly hit the 6 and a half month mark and is officially only 16 short weeks away from the due date of our little bundle. It seems unreal that we started this journey back in January, and every day we get one step closer to meeting this tiny baby that will be all ours. Its crazy how fast this goes.

At 6 months pregnant, our little nugget is almost a foot long and over a pound in weight! That’s crazy to me because that seems like so small, and yet so big all at once. According to The Bump, baby is looking more and more like an actual baby this week, which will continue through the end.

I am leaving for Oregon in two weeks, but I’ll be back in time for week 26, which is the technical beginning of the 3rd trimester. (THE FINAL COUNTDOWN!) It’s insane to think that we are just 3 and a half short months from meeting our little one. We are hopefully painting the room for the baby soon, which is exciting, and Holly and I will be home all week in about 3 weeks during her vacation, during which we are going to trip down to Ikea and buy the baby room furniture. Its all coming together, which leaves a few last loose ends, like child birthing classes and “baby basics” (that one’s for me haha).

So here’s to almost month 7 and the slow ride to the end of a brilliantly long road to meet our first little baby child. We can’t wait to meet you little one!


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