Hearts Not Parts: A Sex Reveal

Before I go sharing the sex of our baby I want to take a minute and explain the title of this blog post a bit. Many people have “gender” reveals, telling people if their little bundle will be a boy or a girl. However, in the enlightened age of multiple gender identities, and not wanting to stifle my baby into thinking just because she’s biologically female she must play with Barbies and wear dresses, I am calling this a sex reveal.

According to a 2014 ABC News article, Facebook added 58 options for gender identity, although some are slight variations of the same thing. Not as to say that there are only 58, but with more than just 2, it seems irresponsible as a soon-to-be parent that I would call our revealing of the biological sex of our child a “gender” reveal.

More fun information: I did. I called it a gender reveal on Facebook and had several friends of mine from the trans* and gender non-conforming community ask why I, of all people, chose to use the word gender. I will admit, I fell back into the societal title of it all, but Holly and I have had many talks about the “what if’s” of our future baby, and I know that we are on the same page about loving them no matter what. That said, for now, until our child is old enough to tell us otherwise, we are going by the biological sex pronouns.

SO without further ado…..


Baby Girl Hutchings. Coming November 2016 (or so).


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