It’s a Carrot!


Yes yes, our baby is a deliciously edible carrot now. 21 weeks puts us on the flip side of the halfway point, which means only 18 weeks left till our little one makes their debut. Some of you might have noticed that we posted sex reveal teasers on Facebook when we got back from Wyoming, so we hope you enjoy making those guesses 🙂 Of course, we know the answer, and we aren’t telling just yet. We took some awesome pictures with Holly’s awesome brothertographer Michael while we were in Wyoming, and we can’t wait to share them with you all, but not just yet. Soon, we swear.

Week 21, our baby isn’t just the size of a carrot, they are also the size of an endive, whatever the hell that is. It looks like a long cabbage like romain lettuce head to me. On Monday when we had our make-up/redo anatomy scan, baby was measuring at 14 ounces, slightly higher than what The Bump app says for this week, but well within the 21 week range. Baby is also about 10.5 inches long, head to toe, which is pretty sizeable, almost a foot!

Fun things that can happen starting this week (but haven’t yet) include Braxton Hicks contractions, which if you’ve ever been pregnant you’ll know are weak, but still contraction like contractions that you get in the third trimester, but can preview sooner. Baby also has a fully functioning digestive system, which is so fascinating to me for some reason.

Kicking has increased this week and Holly has been feeling baby’s movements more, like shifting inside the womb, which is both cool and discomforting. Baby seems to respond most to my voice and Holly’s, along with the baby Holly nannies for, Ella. We joke that she’s going to think Ella is her third mother, because Ella is always telling the baby how cute it is and how much she loves it, she gives it huggies and kisses too, the most adorable thing. Kinda makes me want to have another one relatively soon after we have the first, but lets get through this first one shall we?

We had another doctors appointment this week (one per month until week 30), which means we got to hear the heart beat again and just talk about what Holly has been experiencing, how she feels, etc. The nausea still hasn’t gone away, and even the CNM we see for these regular visits is starting to wonder why that is. Holly has been on anti-nausea medication since we went to the ER during week 8 because she was dehydrated from vomiting so much, and the doctor just gave us what she hoped would be the last 6 prescription refill orders, enough to get us to week 27, the last week of the 2nd trimester. Hopefully it will stop some time in there, keep those fingers crossed!

6 more weeks till the end of the 2nd trimester! More updates soon 🙂


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