Week 20: Battle of the Baby Bulge


Baby banana! We are officially at the half way mark and our baby is the size of a banana. Baby is 6.5 inches and 10 ounces (or so), which is 1.5 ounces from last week, growing fast.

I have to say, that woman up there looks incredibly beautiful as a pregnant woman, but again, I’m probably biased.  Good news is Holly is feeling a bit better, still nauseous, but it goes more often than it comes these days, which has been a plus. However, 20 weeks is 4 past the promise we got from the nurse at Kaiser just 10 short weeks ago, that this nausea would end. I won’t hold it against her for being wrong, but Holly will.

Other fun stuff this week has been the increase in heart burn and shortness of breath. Yesterday we went to Yellowstone and accidentally did a half mile down hill (mountain?) and back hike at a high altitude, which was fun. I know what you’re thinking. How is it possible to accidentally do a hike that long? Well here’s the story.

Holly and I were at Tower Falls and the walk from the parking lot to the falls viewing point is about 150 yards (according to the sign). Just past that is a small downhill slope with a sign that says something like “Tower Fall trail 1/4 mile”. Now if you’re me, 1/4 mile sounds like nothing, because in LA it is nothing. However, at 6600 feet elevation (where Tower Fall is located) in Wyoming, walking down hill/mountain, 1/4 mile is exhausting. Whats worse? We had to come back up. It became overwhelmingly known to me that day that I am VERY out of shape, something I’ll rectify upon our return, but it was tough. I huffed and puffed and willed myself up that trail, nearly dying 12,000 times in total. When we reached the top of the trail, where the original lookout was, these ladies who were planning to hike it asked us (probably seeing my cherry red face) if it was worth it. I will say one thing, the view was gorgeous, and it was awesome, but “worth it”? Maybe not. Here’s a picture of the beauty, you can judge for yourself.


Really beautiful I think, and check out all that yellow stone! That day I netted around 13,000 steps, so positive side: I got some serious steps in. The point of this magical tale was that Holly having shortness of breath didn’t make that hike back any more fun, and my…er…sympathy shortness of breath was exhausting as well 😉

Baby is also kicking up a storm and I have felt it many times, which is the coolest thing I have to say. It’s especially fun when you talk to the baby and then the baby kicks back, it really makes me feel loved already. I have taken to reading Harry Potter and the Sorcerers Stone to the tiny little banana, since baby can hear my voice and can receive the gospel of Harry Potter FINALLY. I love it, and it really makes me feel like I’m passing down something amazing to my tiny nugget.

At this point we are 7 of 14 weeks through the second trimester, with only 7 left to go until we enter the final stretch. It honestly feels like yesterday we were announcing our pregnancy, and it was only about 8 weeks ago, but gosh does time fly fast.

More updates to come soon!



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