Baby’s Anatomy

I promised pictures and wow did we deliver! We had our anatomy scan on Thursday and then jetted off to Wyoming the next day.  In the middle there, I even attended the high school graduation of some of my students. It was quite the busy few days. Anyway, an explanation of the pictures above:

Top Left: our sweet little mango sucking their thumb
Top Right Upper: a little wing (can’t remember if its an arm or a leg)
Top Right Lower: nice little back arch for the camera
Bottom: look at that cute little button nose!

I think this baby looks positively adorable, but I’m slightly biased 😉 This week baby was measuring right on target, looking awesome, strong heart beat and everything was great. Except one tiny thing. SOMEONE didn’t want to be photographed when it came time to take the pictures of their brain/skull area, which was awesome/not awesome. The awesome part was that baby had their head down, body curved in a backwards C with toes practically on top of their little head. It was comical to say the least (at least to me). The ultrasound tech Brad tried to poke baby into moving, had Holly do some rolling and twisting of her own to motivate moving, and even had Holly drink some juice in order to spur our little nugget to move. Unfortunately, baby was not interested at all in moving, so we had to reschedule another ultrasound to get the brain anatomy pictures for when we return from Wyoming on the 20th. Not a big deal, but I can tell already this baby is like their parents, very stubborn and willful.

Next week is WEEK 20! That means half way through, which is a fantastic achievement and we’re so excited to reach that marker. It also marks when baby starts being measured from head to toe, instead of head to rump, which means suddenly baby will seem a little bigger/longer in the next few posts onward, but worry not. Our baby is on par with their peers, totally normal sized but positively adorable.

To week 20!


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