Week 13

13 weeks

We got to see baby today again! Definitely saw thumb sucking, wiggling, and bouncing, which is always cool. This week, baby is the size of a lemon but already has tiny fingerprints and weighs almost an ounce. To me, baby already LOOKS like a baby this week, which is crazy, because just five weeks ago was the first time we saw the baby and baby didn’t quite look like a baby yet, but now this giant little thing, not even as big as the palm of my hand, looks human.

At 13 weeks, we are officially out of the first trimester! WOOOOOOO! I wish I could say that means Holly’s nausea is gone, but alas, it remains. The nurse we saw a few weeks ago said it could last as long as 16 weeks, sometimes more, but remain hopeful for the sudden stoppage; we’ll see. Holly is still throwing up pretty bad, but the bouts of nausea are getting more regular, so at least its manageable? I don’t know if you can call having to go to the emergency room 5 weeks ago for IV fluids “manageable”, but at least she can coordinate her puking (probably more than you all wanted to know I’m sure).

Anyway, we’re still excited, still eagerly awaiting the anatomy scan in 6 more weeks, and still so in love with our little lemon, we can’t wait to meet them!


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