Little Jalapeño, Big Dreams


10 weeks and counting!

Our little jalapeño is measuring right on target for 10 weeks and all genetic testing we had done at our 10 week, first trimester ultrasound looks clear for any issues. This ultrasound was extra cool because we got to see our little baby moving and wiggling around, though Holly can’t feel it just yet, and we got to hear that strong little heart beat again, which continues to make this more and more real for us. Holly discovered this time that ultrasounds aren’t super comfortable for mom, because they press kind of hard in order to get the images they’re looking for, and the resulting pressure can make the baby squirm. Other than that, and the near constant presence of nausea, the baby is looking pretty darn good and mommy is persevering. only 9 more weeks till our anatomy scan and getting a first look at the sex of our baby, which has ME the most excited.  Updates to come!

Here’s a look at the pregnancy announcement we are working on, to share with all of you since NONE OF YOU KNOW YET! You’ll see it soon enough, but if you need a memory of how awesome it is, I’ll save it online for all eternity.

Announcement Draft


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